How to record Keyboard and Mouse Macros on Linux
15.12.2010 07:14 | computer | cklem
I found a way to record and repeat Keyboard and mouse actions on my kubuntu machine (hardy).

i use the xmacro package. it provides the tools xmacrorec2 for recording and xmacroplay for playing macros. install by typing

sudo apt-get install xmacro

when doing

xmacrorec2 -k 9 >> newmacrofile

it records all actions, until you hit ESC. you can also chose a different escape-key by passing another keycode as argument of the "-k" or just leave out this option and it asks you to specify the escape key manually.

now you can rerun your macro by typing

cat newmacrofile | xmacroplay -d 100 :0

where "-d 100" specifies a time delay of 100 ms between each action, so you can see it.